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How does Mike West Tree & Stump Removal protect my trees from lightning damage?

To prevent lightning from harming your trees and your property, Mike West Tree & Stump Removal can install lightning rods into your trees. With the rod fit to the tree any lightning which strikes the tree will be dispersed through the rods and into the ground. Lightning moves through trees by traveling along the moisture in the wood. Lightning is like a river, it will always choose the path of least resistance. Lightning rods are far better conductors than the trees they protect so the lightning travels through the metal and into the ground.

Do I have to install lightning rods on all my trees?

Though it is best to protect as many of your trees from lightning damage as possible, this is just not reasonable for many of our Fairhope customers who have numerous trees on their property. In these situations, the factors which we take into account are the type of tree, its height and how close it is to your home.

Different species of trees have different moisture levels and thus some are more susceptible to lightning strikes than others. Oaks for example, have a higher chance of being hit by lightning than other trees. Height is also an important factor as lightning tends to hit the highest object in an area (though not necessarily). Lastly, one of the main reasons to protect your trees is to protect yourself from property damage, so any trees which are close to your house should have lightning rods installed.

If you want to protect your trees then give Mike West Tree & Stump Removal a call.